Bio 2020

“Beautifully mesmerizing" 
“You won’t believe the amount of sound energy that comes out of one person” 

Ash St. John writes from a place that isn’t always easy to access. This means that songs are often elusive but all the more rewarding when it finally works out. The songs retain a Midwest humility that mirrors the viewpoint of living through seasonal change. 

Ash St. John himself is a story of persistence through life’s trials. A testament that staying the course while retaining humility can pay off in the unmerciful world. After years in the game Ash has made a reputation built on being the consummate musician and is now seeing the fruits of his labor paying off. 

Musically Ash St. John floats between the genres of indie folk and pop. All the while searching beneath the surface both instrumentally and lyrically. Upon repeated listens, tracks often reveal something once hidden before. 

A looping multi-instrumental live artist who seamlessly weaves compositions together.  He taps into a feeling of deep musicality to project upon his audience. 

2020 begins with the release of a new single called “The Instant”. A story of finding hope and love in the most plain of places. The peace that is found in everyday activities like simply taking a walk; simply looking forward to living each day. In an instant it all can change for each one of us. 
More singles are in the pipeline to be released throughout 2020 as Ash St. John embraces this time of prolific creativity.

Since 2009 Ash St. John has been an in demand Twin Cities private music instructor specializing in violin, piano, guitar, voice, ukulele, and music theory. Please email for information on availability, rates, and referrals.  Worldwide online lessons via Zoom Meetings or other platforms available as well.  A free 30 minute lesson is offered.  Give it a shot!

The song quietly celebrates that moment when you realize that you love someone else. I think that can happen at any point – sometimes before you really even meet someone and sometimes it sneaks up on you after years.” - Ann Treacy

Mostly Minnesota

Ash St. John, a talented acoustic/pop singer/songwriter based in St. Paul, Minnesota, has won the SongwriterUniverse ‘Best Song Of The Month’ Contest for November, for his song “Witness To Greatness.’ This song will be included on his upcoming 4-song EP Million Miles Away, which St. John will release independently in January (2012)...”

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