Bio 2019

“Beautifully mesmerizing" 
“You won’t believe the amount of sound energy that comes out of one person” 
Ash St. John is your new attention deficit medication. Ash takes his audience out of their heads and brings them to the present. People everywhere are immediately sucked into his intricate creations on stage. To top it off he is an award winning songwriter who knows the power of a well written hook with a socially conscious message. He is a gifted musician who is able to effortlessly amalgamate his live delivery to the mindset of any audience. Whether the ambiance is chilled out sipping in a stripped down acoustic cocktail or they’re screaming for an all encompassing immersive sound; Ash St. John can do it all. 
Ash St. john is a One-Man-Band multi-tasker who uses the live experience to deconstruct his material to bits. An Ash St. John show is an athletic endeavor. His rich melodic voice feels dipped in warm coffee. A pro on multiple instruments including: violin, guitars, drum sampling, and synths. St. John adeptly loops all this together to create an indulgent funky vibe ripe with positivity. Each live show showcases one-of-a-kind inspired jams with top notch artistry as St. John weaves together musical stories on the fly.

Ash St. John writes rich melodies which are looped together with ambient guitar, lush violin, drum triggers, and tight pocket drums to create a driving funky vibe highlighting their positivity. The live show showcases slamming jams with top notch artistry while weaving together inspired pieces on the fly. 

Ash St. John is an in demand Twin Cities private music instructor specializing in violin, piano, guitar, voice, ukulele, and music theory. Please email Ashstjohnmusic@gmailcom for information on availability, rates, and referrals.  Worldwide online lessons via Skype are also available. 

Ash St. John, a talented acoustic/pop singer/songwriter based in St. Paul, Minnesota, has won the SongwriterUniverse ‘Best Song Of The Month’ Contest for November, for his song “Witness To Greatness.’ This song will be included on his upcoming 4-song EP Million Miles Away, which St. John will release independently in January (2012)...”

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