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A Thankful Thanksgiving

🙏🏻A weekend for the books. Family and music. Gratitude. Thank you to Sociable CiderWerks and Holidazzle for inviting me out for 2 gigs. I’m humbled by your support!
💿I’m itching to get new music out to you all. A cycle of 10 singles will be released every 8 weeks starting 1-19-18
🤫the first song is called “Mad Respect”

Jean Jacket, Ear Buds & Guitar

Jean jackets are a classic look.  Also loving my Jaybird ear buds.  I highly recommend them.  Affordable price point but with out of the park quality and durability!


Take time out for gratitude today. We are extremely fortunate and frankly…lucky to live in the times we are in. Never before has there been more opportunity for the self-made individual. If you are breathing there is always room for you and your unique abilities. I’m thinking of those who paved the way today.

The Beckon of the Violin in my Life

I never thought that violin would ever become a part of my live act. As a songwriter I couldn’t play and sing my songs on guitar and play fiddle. The violin’s place in my life was relegated to weddings and personal enjoyment. However by learning looping the violin has infiltrated every aspect of my music. I beckon to it’s will.


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